Mustahfiz got the wicket of Butler who scored a century

The bowlers of Delhi Capitals could not find a place to throw the ball.

Joss Butler sent the ball out of bounds one by one, sometimes biting the ground and sometimes floating in the air. The English batsman picked up another century in the IPL with devastating batting. Mustahfiz got the wicket of Butler who scored a century

Butler hit a double-digit three off 99 balls in the 16th over of the Rajasthan Royals at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Friday. 4 sixes with 6 sixes. This is his second consecutive century and his third in the current edition. [ Mustahfiz got the wicket ]

Only Virat Kohli has scored more centuries in a single edition of the IPL. Kohli scored four centuries for Royal Challengers Bangalore on his way to a record 963 runs in 2016.

On this day, Butler has done a good job by killing the bowlers of Delhi. Bangladesh’s Mustahfizes Rahman played in Delhi Capitals, he was not left out either. However, Mustahfiz bowled a little better than the rest of the team. In the end he got the wicket of the butler.

There is no denying that Rajasthan’s run has decreased a bit. Mustahfiz got the wicket

However, they did not score less runs till the end. Rajasthan have scored 222 runs in Butler’s third century match this year. Butler has built another reputation in this century. He became the first batsman in IPL history to score his fourth century in eight innings.

Butler was seen suffering a lot in the first over. Khalil Ahmed could not understand the out swing. Although he got two boundaries in that over, fortunately. As time went on, Butler became terrified.

Much like baseball, the ball is out of bounds.

Bangladesh’s Mustahfiz gave the run, but he was the best bowler of the day in Delhi. He took 1 wicket with 43 runs in 4 overs. Khalil Ahmed, who got another two wickets for Rajasthan, gave 46 runs in 4 overs.

Mustahfiz got the wicket
Mustahfiz got the wicket


[ Mustahfiz got the wicket ]

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