What will BCB do with Mustahfiz

IPL or Test cricket?

Well, if Virat Kohli is asked to choose between IPL and Test cricket, which one would he like to play? The question is no longer just a quiz! Today’s modern cricketers have to face such a complex question. Kohli does not have to deal with the question as India does not have a series during the IPL. But cricketers from many other countries put this question to the test. What will BCB do with Mustahfiz

This is the latest case in South Africa.

The Proteas had a Test series with Bangladesh during the IPL. Six members of the South African squad were also in the IPL squad. So the question was thrown straight in front of them. Even if you don’t know which one they have chosen, it shouldn’t be a problem to guess.


Why they didn’t choose Test cricket is a different matter.

Faf du Plessis gave up Test cricket altogether to prolong his career. Test cricket is called the format of dignity! Virat Kohli loves Test cricket, and so does Williamson-Smith. But at the same time, those who do not enjoy this format of dignity are not available nowadays, but it is not! Last year, Moin Ali said goodbye to the Tests, saying he was no longer enjoying white-clad cricket.

Test cricket is no longer a priority for many who grew up in the era of T20 and IPL. So the answer to that question at the beginning is IPL. Then the country is big or IPL is big আলোচনা the discussion is also strong. Let’s not go into that context for now. However, Bangladesh is slowly getting acquainted with this new reality of cricket. There are two types of examples that are now available in Bangladesh.


Shakib’s holiday is one of the most talked about topics in Bangladesh.

And if the reason for the holiday is the IPL! Shakib Al Hasan also had to face the question that was thrown in that exam with the 2021 tour of Sri Lanka. There was also an IPL event during that series. And Shakib informed the board in a letter that he wants to leave the Sri Lanka series to play in the IPL. What will BCB do with Mustahfiz


When it comes to Shakib’s IPL game, Mustafiz will also come there.

The fact that Mustafiz does not play or enjoy Tests is a kind of established one. Yet at that time the question arose again. Mustafiz was then praised for saying that he would definitely play Test if he was in the team. Later, however, Mustafiz went to play in the IPL.

That Mustafiz did not write his name in the Tests in the latest central contract.

He showed the reasons for the difficult life of bio-bubble. This time, the reluctance of Mustafiz to play Tests was openly known through various media. To prolong his career, Mustafiz thinks that something has to be given up. And that sacrifice, Test cricket! Mustafiz is not yet 26 years old. But the thought of prolonging his career has already entered the mind of that Mustafiz ? What will BCB do with Mustahfiz


Shakib and Mustafiz :

One of the best cricketers in Bangladesh, it is an advantage to be in any team. But the BCB left it up to the cricketers who want to play in any format. According to him, Tests did not get a place in the list of formats that Mustafiz wanted to play. At that time, however, the BCB repeatedly said loudly, if no one wants to play, it will not be forced. Now again the need to play in Mustafiz Sri Lanka series came up, then it was said, if necessary, must be played! Mustafiz was not included in the squad for the first Test even though there was talk of returning him to play in the IPL.

Cricket is becoming modern, and cricket is also feeling the wind of new changes!

And in this modern age, cricket has to be seen as such cricketers are not telling the country’s cricket to play in a franchise league, the place of the Test cricketer who has been sitting in the seat of dignity for ages is in the seat of ‘negligence’. Bangladesh cricket is also on par with this modern cricket. It is bad luck or good luck, which one would you say?


What will BCB do with Mustahfiz
What will BCB do with Mustahfiz


World cricket is now facing this new reality. Shakib’s holiday incident and Mustafiz’s intention to prolong his career are also reflected in both. These two, who have a hand in creating a lot of history of Bangladesh, also introduced a new reality. In what form will Bangladesh face this reality?


This is because Shakib did not want to play in the latest South Africa Test series because he wanted to play in the IPL. What will BCB do with Mustahfiz

What is less controversy about him! In the end, Shakib said he was ‘out of the game’ and left later than not to tour South Africa. However, he had to return after playing ODI series instead of playing Tests due to personal reasons. However, the reason why he said not to play Test in South Africa at first, then Shakib did not get a team in that IPL. If in the future Shakib chooses IPL instead of IPL and Bangladesh series or in particular Test series, then what will BCB do?


If you want to prolong your career, then why is Mustafiz not leaving another format? In response to this question, Mustafiz argued that his success in ODIs and T20s is comparatively more and he is skipping the Tests. Why doesn’t Mustafiz have this thought in his mind that he has to do well in the test. Will BCB be able to bring Mustafiz back in Tests even if he does not take the challenge to do well in Tests? And even if Mustafiz ever sat on leave, then?

The question asked at the beginning will throw the BCB in the grand examination!


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