Permanent solution of pure water

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the year,

just before and during the summer months. However, as a result of extreme climate change, there is an upward trend in diarrhea earlier this year. The effects of diarrhea start from the first week of March this year. pure water


By mid-March, it had risen sharply. According to the ICDDRB (International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh), an average of 1,300 diarrhea patients are admitted to hospitals in the capital every day. Permanent solution of

Why is this happening? pure water

The most important means of spreading the germs of diarrhea is water. Unsafe, unhealthy water contains a variety of harmful bacteria. These bacteria cause long term diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, headache, fever and cold. Gradually weakens the body’s immune system.


What is the solution? pure water

Water testing by WASA, raising public awareness, medical advice — everything is happening. Yet this outbreak is not going to stop? In this situation, water purifier has become the first choice of everyone as an alternative to solve the problem of safe water.


Although there are different brands of purifiers available in the market, LG Puricare Water Purifier is considered to be the most advanced, reliable and best in the market. There are enough reasons for this. Some of the technologies used in these LG Electronics products have changed the face of the purifier-industry.


LG Pure care ensures clean water by removing harmful viruses,

bacteria, heavy metals (lead, rust, arsenic, etc.) and chemicals from the water. Its dual protection airtight stainless steel tank protects the water from dust, insects, bacteria and harmful germs.


Does not spread bad smell in water. An airtight cover at the top of the tank works to keep pure water safe and supple. In addition, its mineral booster makes the water healthier by adding essential minerals to the water. Gives natural taste.


LG pure care has an outside sediment filter to remove – pure water

visible dirt from the water. The sediment plus carbon filter (composite) system is in place to eliminate invisible germs and harmful substances and ensure the durability of the R-O membrane.


It is almost impossible for any harmful substance to enter the body through water beyond these safety measures and steps. In addition, Everfresh UV Plus technology has been used in the purifier to ensure extra protection of filtered water. It is turned on every six hours for 75 minutes to keep the water safe and fresh for a long time.

Permanent solution of pure water
Permanent solution of pure water

LG pure care Water Purifier is available in three different models,

Outlook and Price. The purifier can be purchased from the showroom of Rangs Electronics Limited. There is one year warranty facility. In addition, there is a first year maintenance facility, completely free of charge.


These include four consecutive months of scheduled phone calls, change of outside sediment filters by an experienced technician, and disinfection of pure care’s internal parts digitally without the touch of a hand.


This facility can be availed from any showrooms of Ranges Electronics Limited across the country. The LG pure care water purifiers of these three models are priced at Rs 25,900, Rs 29,900 and Rs 36,900 respectively.


Another name for pure water is life. pure water

The purity of water should not be neglected at all to avoid various water borne diseases including diarrhea. So you can buy LG pure care Water Purifier as a home decorating material for Eid as a permanent solution of pure water....

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