United could have scored more goals after losing by 4 goals

Eric Ten Hughes is set to coach Manchester United next season. If you have watched United’s game today, you can think twice about your decision! How will Ajax coach play his favorite football with this team? United could have scored


It is heard that Cristiano Ronaldo is not wanted in the team as he is not compatible with football. But in the game that United has given him today, he may have to change the whole squad. United lost 4-0 at Brighton today. The way he played, there were four more goals, but it was no surprise! United’s chances of playing in the Champions League are over today.


Match against Brighton. Brighton may be playing at home, but that was United’s place of strength. The team did not win at home in 2022. They have only three home wins before this match in the whole season. No matter how bad the time against such a team, it is normal for United to win.


From the beginning of the match, of course, the opposite was happening. In front of Cristiano Ronaldo. He is followed by Bruno Fernandez, Anthony Elanga and Juan Mata. In the back are Nemania Matich and Maktmin. Rafael Varane and Lindelof put Harry Maguire in defense. Dalot and Teyes are two fullbacks on both sides. Interim coach Rangnik’s desire to play fast-paced football has not spread, at least not among footballers. On the one hand, United has started very slowly, on the other hand, Brighton has kept United busy in fast passing football. Got the result in 15 minutes. Moises Seikedo put the team ahead with a great strike.


Brighton had a chance to advance twice more in the first half. But the team could not use those opportunities. It seemed that they would have to pay for the mistake in the second half.


But something more terrible was waiting for United in the second half. Fred stepped down as Elanga’s replacement. Edinson Cavani has been sent down to bolster Matic. 2 minutes later, however, United scored another goal. Former Barcelona left-back Kukureya scored the first goal in Brighton’s jersey after finding a gap in United’s defense. If anyone wants to hide the responsibility of defending United in this goal, it could not be covered in 56 minutes.

United could have scored m
United could have scored m

Attack with the left edge again. Goalkeeper Sanchez started. The Kukureya team gave Trosard a great control over his long-range shots. Lindelof went to stop Trosard. As soon as Trossard gave it to Gross, Lindelf left the hull and stood up. After getting Varane alone, he cut the shot to one side, 3-0. After 2 minutes it became 4-0.


Now attack with the right edge. Gross gave the ball to Welbeck at the right end. David De Gea went on to block the former United winger. Welbeck knocked Da Heya out of the equation with a single chip. Even if Dalot returns the ball from the goal line, it hits Trosard’s chest. From there straight to the net. VAR stalled the Brighton festivities for a while to see if it was a handball, but gave the official verdict as a goal.


Could have been 5-0 in 75 minutes. Mack Alistair almost sent the ball into the net by evading Da Haye. But Dalot’s tackle sends the ball to the post. The ball hits the post and goes out. The Brighton goalkeeper did not allow the gap to be reduced by making two great saves before and after. Cavani scored 1 goal in the 62nd minute but it was canceled offside. United could have scored 2 more goals before the end of the match.!

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