Only Barcelona and Barcelona in the face of levers

Robert Lewandowski is no longer tolerated! Barcelona in the face of levers. Where and what — these two questions can be answered together. Lever is no longer tolerated in Bayern Munich. The Polish striker is counting the days, when will he join Barcelona!

This is what the German media Bild reports. Still uncertain except for Lever Bayern, nothing is right. According to European media, Chelsea joined several clubs in the race to buy Lewandowski, but Bar এগিয়েa are ahead. However, the Catalan club is not yet in the race to buy him officially. [ Barcelona in the face of levers ]

That is, he did not send a formal offer to Bayern. Although the news came out last month, Leva has verbally secured a three-year deal with Bara. But nothing is final.

European media reported last Friday that Lewandowski no longer wanted to stay in Bayern. He told the club he did not want to extend his contract. Lever’s contract with Bayern is valid until 2023. But he wants to leave the club this year. For him, the news of keeping his word with Barারa came out last month. [ Barcelona in the face of levers ]

But what if Bayern refused to let him go after receiving a Bara offer? Despite the complexity of the case, according to Webster’s rules, Bar June a and Lewandowski could match the two in June. The player must announce his intention to leave the club within 15 days of the end of the season. The new club must be from another country and the new club must pay the same compensation as the former club. [ Barcelona in the face of levers ]

In other words, Barca will have to pay compensation equal to the lever salary.

Whatever it is, when the situation is so turbulent, Lever is not supposed to be at peace at all. He could not hide his restlessness. It came out in the dressing room of Bayern! The witnesses were Lever’s teammates. According to Bild, the Polish star has expressed his uneasiness in Bayern’s dressing room. [ Barcelona in the face of levers ]

He was talking to someone on the phone in the dressing room in Polish. Even though his teammates do not understand the language, they have heard Laver say ‘Barcelona, Barcelona’ in an angry voice a few times while speaking. “Lewandowski has mentioned the name of Barcelona several times,” Bild was quoted as saying. [ Barcelona in the face of levers ]

The source said, “Robert Lewandowski shouted in the dressing room. The striker speaks Polish. Not all footballers know his language but understand a word. That word is “FC Barcelona,” which he has repeatedly said.

Now it remains to be seen what Barcelona will do. .

Barcelona in the face of levers
Barcelona in the face of levers


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