Langer opened his mouth and washed Cricket Australia

Winning the T20 World Cup and the Ashes এসব these are supposed to be considered as one of the achievements of any cricket coach’s career. But whether Justin Langer had to move to Australia after winning all this! The former Australia coach has not opened his mouth about this issue for so many days after leaving the post. When it opened, he washed Cricket Australia. Langer opened his mouth

Despite the success, the relationship between Langer and some senior cricketers is not good, it was said. He was offered a six-month extension, which Langer called “disgraceful.” The former batsman pointed a finger at Cricket Australia’s interim chairman Richard Freudenstein after he stepped down in February.

He was joined by former teammates Mark Waugh, Adam Gilchrist, Ricky Ponting, Steve Waugh, Matthew Hayden and the late Shane Warne. The legends washed away Cricket Australia by treating Langer.

In a discussion with him just the day after he left office, Friedenstein stabbed Langer. “The first thing he said to me was, ‘All your friends are talking about you in the media, you must feel great,'” Langer said at an event at the Western Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Perth.

‘I said,‘ Of course, acting chairman. But humbly, those friends of mine are the best cricketers of all time in Australia. They are the structure of Australian cricket. They are Australian cricket. They also work with cricket around the world. As a result, of course, I’m glad my friends stood by me. I don’t know if you have (such a friend). ”

If you know there are people behind you, you can do magic. Otherwise you will be lonely. Leadership can be very lonely.

Langer took charge of Australia in 2016 after a ball-tampering scandal broke out in the Cape Town Test. Before that he was quite successful in domestic cricket. “For three or four years now, I’ve been focusing on politics, the media, sponsorship – everything,” said Langer. Tried everything. I have tried to be everything to everyone. As a result, it is normal for you to feel tired. Your health will be affected, that is mental health, physical health. You’re trying to keep everyone happy! ‘

But at the end of the day, he was enjoying coaching. Not only did I win, I had that vitality, I was focused. I was happy. Of course, except for bad politics. ‘

What’s the biggest lesson of a coaching career, Langer says, ‘is the biggest lesson I’ve ever learned ছি I have taken everything out of my sight. There were only two things in front of me in a hurry. One is won, the other is my people. ‘

Of course, what it takes to do such hard work, Langer reminds us, ‘If you know there are people behind you, you can do magic. Otherwise you will be lonely. Leadership can be very lonely. But getting support is a different matter. ”

Cricket Australia has appointed former assistant coach Andrew MacDonald to replace Langer. There was talk that Langer was going to be the coach of England. Although he says he never thought of taking charge of England, “I have never talked to English cricket. Coaching England… (I can’t imagine)! ‘

“I love Western Australia,” said Langer, who has played 105 Tests for Australia. I love being at home. I haven’t been home for 31 years... . .

Langer opened his mouth and washed Cricket Australia
Langer opened his mouth and washed Cricket Australia


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